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Subject - PE and Sport





Why do we teach what we teach? (Our intent)


It is our intent that all pupils leaving Oak Green School are physically literate and have the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy, active lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.


Our high-quality physical education curriculum is designed to provide opportunities for our pupils to;

  • be inspired to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities  
  • compete in sport and other activities regularly
  • build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect
  • be physically active for sustained periods of time
  • engage in competitive sports and activities and lead healthy, active lives
  • develop a healthy attitude to sport and hobbies as part of being mentally healthy
  • be physically confident which supports their health and fitness engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity promoting healthy active lifestyles



How do we teach it? (Our implementation)


Introduction of real PE as a PE delivery scheme - this new approach to PE will place a greater emphasis on the whole  child and their attitudes to health and well-being. The Real PE model we are adopting has a holistic approach to PE  through a multi-ability model; Personal, social, creative, cognitive, physical, health & well-being. These areas are  broken into different learning objectives and outcomes, where pupils can have a better understanding of what they  are successful in and how they can grow/develop further. Other traditional subject areas e.g. netball, tennis,  athletics etc, will be delivered by highly confident class teachers and members of the school PE & Sports team.


Equipment is reviewed termly and new stock ordered when required to provide best possible learning experiences  for our pupils.


Intra-school competitive opportunities - by providing more opportunities to compete we encourage our pupils to ‘be  the best they can be’ and to develop core skills and values including determination, teamwork, self-belief, passion,  including respect and honesty - which are two of our school values. Through the Mandeville School Sports  Partnership and the South Bucks School Sport Partnership (inclusive sport) we are developing the range of  competition and festivals to best meet the confidence, competence and motivations of all the young people  attending. Our inclusive events provide opportunities for all young people including SEND, including Physical  Disabilities and Speech and Language difficulties, and target groups to integrate. 


Pupil Leadership opportunities - our School Sport Organising Committee (SSOC) is made up of pupils as Sports Leaders  and Playground leaders. The senior pupils within these roles are responsible for providing more opportunities for  pupils to be active during school hours. With the support of school staff, training is provided to develop their skills  and qualities to lead, therefore having an impact on a large number of pupils. 

Enrichment & extra-curricular opportunities - providing a broad and balanced enrichment and personal development  offering at Oak Green is key for us to give opportunities for our pupils to be active. We have identified core  strengths of staff, to provide high quality experiences for all pupils, in a fully inclusive environment. 


Home/Community Partnership - through the partnership agreement with Create Development and Funetics (England Athletics), we have access to training and resources to provide at home learning tools for our families to access (a world leading school for this provision).


CPD for staff - staff have access to a full range of Create Development CPD opportunities as we are committed to  delivering a ‘pupil focused’ PE provision; Real PE, Real Gym, Real Play and Real Leaders. Staff will also benefit from tailored ‘in-house’ CPD available to them by the dedicated PE & Sports team. Real PE will enable consistency and progression throughout the school, where teachers are confident delivering active and  learning rich lessons. Pupils are more confident and are able to lead their learning to reach their own personal  milestones. All staff are provided with PE specific training provided by National Governing Bodies through our School Sports Partnership memberships.



What is the difference that this makes? (Our impact)


Through effective learning in PE we promote access to a very wide range of sports and experiences and opportunities to participate in competitive events. Young people’s health, safety and wellbeing develops and we hope that we inspire our young people to be participants in sports and active lifestyles for life and can demonstrate resilience, personal social skills and good team play. Please see our ‘PE and Sport Premium’ for evaluation of our spending and outcomes.


From studying our physical education curriculum our pupils will be;

  • successful and excel in competitive sport
  • confident
  • able to compete in sport and other activities regularly
  • able to embed values such as fairness and respect
  • physically active and fit
  • able to understand the importance of leading healthy and active lives
  • able to understand how sport and PE is linked to mental health




Long Term Plans

PE, Sports and Active Lifestyle Links

At Oak Green we know how to keep active.

Here are some amazing resources for when you're not at school!







Real PE

At home learning with real PE at home

real PE at home provides meaningful home learning for EVERY child with games, activities and challenges, all aligned to your real PE curriculum.


RealPE at home & How to use real PE at home

RealPE at home personal best record sheets EYFS/Key Stage 1 / Key Stage 2

RealPE at home EYFS/Key Stage 1 weekly timetables week 1/2, week 3/4, week 5/6

RealPE at home Key Stage 2 weekly timetables week 1/2, week 3/4, week 5/6

Get dancing, with these online videos

Jump Start Jonny’s fun workouts and chill-out videos are loved by over 250,000 Jumpsters, you can be one too.

Just Dance Videosfree online dance videos to current and classic songs which can be completed in a small space.

Supermovers Fun curriculum linked resources to get your class moving while they learn

Les Mills 20 or 40-minute class is jam-packed with cool music and foundation fitness moves and fun games

Change4Life Train like a Jedi it’s time to get your kids active as they learn to master the ways of the Jedi


Fitness fun with these online resources

Joe Wicks’ 5 minute workouts for kids is a selection of shorter workouts for primary children.

GoNoodle lots of fun videos, games and off-screen activities

Disney 10 minute shake ups at home games to play featuring some well loved Disney/Pixar characters

Cosmic Kids Yoga – yoga videos ranging from 5 to 30 minutes available via YouTube


Play a sport? Try these sport activities at home

FUNetics is a primary school resource from England Athletics and they've published these FUN activities

DodgeFive@home from British Dodgeball provides games that can be played at home to develop skills like throwing, catching and dodging.

Extra-time FA Football activities explore football activities that you can do at home to keep you on top of your game

Girls Football

Sport in the Community - click on the link to find out more information

See the Newsletters section on the website for all the current summer term club offerings.