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Additionally Resourced Provision (ARP)

Special Resources – Additionally Resourced Provision (ARP) for Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC)


Oak Green School has an ARP for pupils with ASC. Some pupils with Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP) indicating ASC as their primary need are placed within this specialist provision by the LA who have determined, in conjunction with parents, that an ARP environment best meets the specific needs of the children.


Pupils for whom the LA decide will be appropriately placed in the ARP environment make at least one visit to the School in order that the child can be met in the school setting, for staff within the school to assess how their needs can be met within the school. Where possible, staff will also visit the pupil in their existing provision.


The information from these visits alongside the pupil’s EHCP and information from the previous school enables Oak Green School to decide if the pupil meets the school’s ARP entry criteria. This information is then fed back to the LA and a final decision is made as to the suitability of the ARP environment in meeting the needs of the individual. The decision is usually made through a SEND Placement panel which is overseen by the Buckinghamshire Council iSEND team.


Specialist support within the ARP is aimed to develop social skills in smaller teaching groups where inclusion is not appropriate. We seek to achieve up to 80% inclusion into mainstream classes where appropriate to pupil need and capability. The ARP has its own teaching rooms (the purple and blue rooms) within the mainstream school which is well resourced with specialist materials and equipment.


The ARP has two qualified teachers to support any children who are unable to access their mainstream classes, for short periods of time.


The ARP pupils have full and equal access to all extra-curricular activities and trips