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The Arts at Oak Green & ArtsMark



“Creativity takes courage.”



Oak Green School has officially begun their Artsmark journey!



For the next two years, Oak Green will be developing a multitude of areas around the school to demonstrate embedded and exhilarating arts within our curriculum, a wide range of extracurricular arts activities, beginning working relationships with artists and local arts organisations, outreach collaboration with our local Artsmark schools and evaluating the impact and achievements of the arts linking to the whole community. Through our newly-achieved innovative approach and ultimate belief in the vast potential for every child, we will be allowing our children’s curiosity and imagination to soar.


“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”


After two years of implanting and developing the arts provision across the entire school, we will be assessed based on the following seven Quality Principles:


1. Striving for excellence and innovation

2. Being authentic

3. Being exciting, inspiring and engaging

4. Ensuring a positive and inclusive experience

5. Actively involving children and young people

6. Enabling personal progression

7. Developing belonging and ownership


These will be assessed along with the following areas we have aimed to achieve:

  • Innovative 3D displays around the school
  • Across phase arts projects
  • Cultural immersion within the Aylesbury community
  • Variety of arts-based clubs
  • Opportunities for more arts projects within the curriculum linking to Topics
  • Building confidence
  • Immersing families support in the arts
  • External arts companies & facilities to connect with
  • Celebrating children’s creative achievements
  • Exploring different areas of the arts
  • Development in resources