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Family Learning and Support

Free workshops for adults that don't have a maths qualification

Links to websites providing support

Parenting Smart Leaflet

Phonics courses both in Reception and Y1&2

These courses are run to help parents with the Year 1 phonics screening to support children who are in Year 2 who have not been successful in the previous year. Furthermore, Reception aged children are now well established within their year group and are ready to practise these skills at home, frequently. 


Reading courses- Years 3-6

These focus on developing Reading and Comprehension- as we all know this goes far beyond just learning to read and the importance of developing solid comprehension skills, which run through the curriculum and form a vital part to their success in school!


Wellbeing workshops- Year 3-6.

These help support a child’s confidence, resilience and growth mindset, whilst also giving them advice on how to deal with anxiety and the pressures of life, both online and real life.