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Why do we teach what we teach? (Our intent)


At Oak Green School we aim to promote a love for reading to open doors to new worlds and support the development of children’s imagination. Reading for pleasure enriches a child’s life by promoting curiosity and building their understanding of the world around them. A love of reading broadens children’s minds, attitudes and abilities to make connections, learn life-long lessons and become better problem-solvers.


How do we teach it? (Our implementation)


  • Each class has time during the week where they visit the school’s library in order to listen to stories and select a book reflective of their interests and to enhance their current learning. This space is also open for children to enjoy at break and lunch times and is supervised by the Year 6 Reading Ambassadors.
  • Within classes, children can select books from their class libraries through a wide range of age-appropriate literature, including heritage classics, graphic novels and poetry.  
  • Children actively take part in storytelling sessions by answering questions or engaging with the literature (i.e. puppets and ‘story-sacks’).
  • A number of events and competitions are planned for children during World Book Day, where children dress up as their favourite book character.
  • All staff are committed to reading for pleasure, modelling an appreciation for children’s literature and the magic of storytelling.
  • Every classroom has an inviting book corner, which children are free to access throughout the day as a space to enjoy books.
  • Book-talk sessions
  • Interactive recommendation displays around school


What is the difference that this makes? (Our impact)


The library is a space which allows children to access a wide range of literature, both fiction and non-fiction. Children are able to develop a broad base of general knowledge, which enriches their understanding of the world around them and helps them to become global citizens. Oak Green’s pupils have a thirst for knowledge as a result of our ‘reading for pleasure’ culture and are often eager to source books from the library to enhance their learning. The passion for reading is evident across the year groups as children are keen to discuss their reading habits and experiences with adults and other children.  







Love of Reading - story corners