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Oak Green School

Our school day....

Children assemble in the playgrounds, the gates having been opened by the caretaker at 8:30. 

Support staff will be on door duty and will open the doors at the times stated below. 

Teachers stand at their doors and welcome children into the classroom. 

At 8:50 the doors are closed and any children who arrive after this time are to go to the front entrance where a member of the well-being team will collect them.  

In the interests of safeguarding children, all of the gates are locked by the caretaker.


Year group             

Arrive at         

  Start time         




     End of day

EYFS - Nursery

8:40 / 12:25

  8:45 / 12:30 




 11:45 / 3:30

EYFS- Owls


  8:45 soft start



11:30 - 12:30



Yr1 8:35

Yr2 8:40

  Yr1 8:40

  Yr2 8:45



12:00 - 1:00

       Yr1 3:10 

       Yr2 3:15


Yr3 8:35

Yr4 8:40

  Yr3 8:40

  Yr4 8:45



12:15 - 1:15

       Yr3 3:10 

       Yr4 3:15


Yr5 8:35

Yr6 8:40

  Yr3 8:40

  Yr4 8:45



12:30 - 1:30

       Yr5 3:10 

       Yr6 3:15


There was national government discussion in April 2022 about the length of the school day and the implications for some schools regarding this.


Please be assured that OGS current times are 32.5 hrs. p.w.


Our staggered starts and ends of the day are as the the above table:

08.40-3.10 for Y1, Y3 & Y5 and 08.45-3.15 for YR OWLs, Y2, Y4, and Y6.

All @6.5 hrs. p.d. for Reception to Y6 = 32.5 hrs. p.w.



For further info. and requirements for Sept. please see:


All schools are required to:


*Meet for at least 380 sessions or 190 days during any school year. We currently do this and will meet these expectations with no changes needed next year. (See newsletter 01.04.22 for SDDs set for 2022-23.)

*Operate 2 sessions on every school day divided by a break in the middle.

*From September 2022, all state-funded schools are expected to publish their opening times on their school website.