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Year 6 Leaver's Blog

Some of our 2021-2022 Year 6 Leavers have shared their time at

Oak Green.


Aleem Z 6c


I loved the sport like cricket and football and athletics. My favourite trips were Cadbury World/bowling and Southend.  My favourite lesson are Maths/P.E and English and I loved Forest School.I liked Cadbury World because it was so fun and we had these cool glasses that was 3d it looked cool. I liked bowling it was fun we could challenge each other. In Year 2 I liked going to Southend it was fun and we had ice cream and we could put our feet in the water.


Amelia H 6C


My last year at Oak Green has been great. I have two favourite teachers, one is Miss Hague because she was kind, funny and most of all amazing. She was also my first teacher here at Oak Green. My second favourite teacher is Mrs Millington because she is kind and understanding. I found it easy to make friends as everyone was so friendly. One of my most loved lessons is Maths because I've always found a love for it. Two of the best trips of all time would have to be bowling and Cadburys world.


Hasnayn I 6C


Oakgreen has been a fantastic school that has taught me everything I know and it has also helped me make friends and the teachers have took us on trips like Southend, Dinoworld, Rouge bowling and Harry Potter World. They also had clubs called Forest School and Movie Club. In Forest School we’d also be able to climb trees as long as you can get down safely.


Kate Z 6C


Oak green is the best school I have ever been to I have only been here since 27th April 2022. I had a lot of fun but we can’t be kids forever. The teachers are so nice to me and the kids here are nice too. I also met someone special to me. I liked doing cricket here and athletics. I also liked the 2 school trips, I have been to. We are doing a play and it is very fun and the songs are my favourite. So, I’m really happy that I came here!


Sharoza H 6C


My favourite things about Oak Green is that how nice and lovely the staff are and how they treat you with respect. As they care about your health and wellbeing  they want to make the children at Oak Green have a better future. The trips at Oak Green are splendid they really think deeply into what the children will take from these trips. They also create a healthy environment for the children as an example they ask the parents to park their cars far away from the entrance where children come to school so they don't breathe in the toxic air from the cars. They create fun and educational lessons for the children to have the urge to learn. They create fun events so that the children can think outside the box.