Oak Green Golden Rules

Our school rules are values led.


We show respect by:

Being honest

Being kind, helpful and gentle

Looking after property


Doing our best


All members of Oak Green School Community follow our Golden Rules to ensure good conduct within our school community. Our Golden Rules are values led. 

All pupils who follow our Golden Rules receive 30 minutes of Golden Time each week.

When a Golden Rule is broken, 5 minutes of Golden Time is lost. Lost Golden Time can be earnt back, except where someone has been hurt with words or actions.

Parents / Carers are expected to sign a home/school agreement.

See Oak Green School's 'Behaviour Policy' for further information.



Oak Green takes pride in being a nurturing environment. Part of ensuring that children are safe, happy and ready to learn is the availability of additional support in the form of nurture groups. At Oak Green, we are incredibly lucky to have a trained Theraplay Specialist. Theraplay’s  goal is to enhance attachment, self esteem, trust in others and joyful engagement. Theraplay sessions are fun, physical, personal and interactive and replicate the natural, healthy interaction between a child and his/her parent. We also have a self-esteem building project called The Acorn Club. The aim of Acorn Club is to help children to gain confidence and transfer this back into the classroom. At the current time, Acorn Club is open to children in year one. Oak Green also runs nurture groups for children across all year groups. The aims of these sessions are to develop social skills and confidence. Issues that arise as part of everyday school life are discussed by the group, and the children support each other in finding solutions to any challenges that may arise.


At Oak Green School, we believe part of being ready to learn is also shown in our appearance. Children are expected to wear the following uniform to school:

School Uniform (Reception through to Year 6)

Boys                                                            Girls

White shirt/polo shirt                           White shirt/polo shirt/blouse

Black/grey trousers                              Black/grey trousers or black/grey skirt/pinafore dress

Green OG sweatshirt/fleece              Green OG sweatshirt/fleece/cardigan          

Green Hijab (optional)

 Black/grey/green trousers under a skirt, dress or tunic are optional for religious requirements

 Optional summer uniform

Black/grey knee length shorts            Green and white check dress/skirt

White trousers under dresses/tunic are optional for religious requirements

All children:

Black or brown school shoes.                        


PE Kit

White T Shirt, Black shorts/leggings, plimsolls or trainers in a named drawstring bag

(Jogging bottoms too when the weather is cold)

Our school wear provider is Bucks Schoolwear Plus, Kingsbury Square 01296 422120

We are respectful of religious practices and allow the hijab to be worn in school but not the niqab that restricts communication which can inhibit learning.

All clothing must be clearly labelled with your child’s name

Organisation of the school day

Staff are on duty from 8.45am. Children should not arrive on the school premises before this time, unless they are attending Breakfast Club. The outer gates are locked at 9.00am. All latecomers must go to the main office reception. Children have a mid- morning break as well as a break at lunchtime. KS1 also have a break in the afternoon. The school day finishes at 3:15pm for reception, KS1 and KS2 children.

Jungle and Rainbow nursery sessions are 3 hours long. Morning sessions are from 8.45-11.45 and afternoon sessions run from 12.15-3.15.


Medical Issues
We endeavour to ensure that the school is a safe place for children but accidents do happen. In the event of your child having an accident, we will treat all minor injuries by cleaning or applying a cold compress. We can also administer emergency aid in the event of a more serious injury.
If your child has an injury and we are concerned that they need further treatment, we will always contact you and ask you to come to school. If we can not contact you and we feel that your child will need treatment, we will call an ambulance to take the child to hospital and continue trying to contact you.

It is essential that you keep your contact numbers up to date.
The school does not administer medicine but on very special occasions the administration of medicine is permitted during the school day. An Authorisation Form is available from the school office. If your child has an infectious illness, there are set exclusion times. If your child has head lice, please treat this immediately.

This applies to the whole school and grounds both in and out of school hours.