Curriculum Outline

Teaching and Learning

We believe that the process of learning must be enjoyable if a child is to be properly engaged and so properly connected with learning which links the different strands of the curriculum through studying a particular topic is the best way to develop a true, deep and lasting understanding. Our topics are designed to provide children with first-hand experiences, challenges and skills. We follow the National Curriculum 2014.

Our Aims

Teaching and learning are at the core of everything we do at Oak Green and our aims for all our children are broad, ambitious and clear:

  •          A sustained focus throughout the school on development and progress in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science
  •          The development of outstanding attitudes, skills and knowledge across the whole curriculum.
  •          The children’s development into responsible, mature students wholly prepared for their futures.


Maths Makes Sense (MMS)

MMS ensures that children are secure in their basic mathematical understanding in calculations, shape and measures. This enables all children to handle problem-solving activities with confidence.

Oak Green is an advocate school for MMS – we have welcomed a number of schools to see our teaching in practice and to establish key ideas.

Standards and expectations are very high with MMS, and this is already evidenced in our latest KS1 Maths results. With this approach, children are quickly introduced to challenging mathematical concepts.



Read, Write Inc (RWI)

RWI is a successful synthetic phonics scheme. This system gives children a superb grounding in early reading and writing skills, enabling them to progress quickly to become independent readers and writers, so that teaching and learning can focus on the higher level skills of writing style and the analysis of literature.

Talk For Writing (TFW)

TFW is a learning programme designed by Pie Corbett which enables children to write fiction and non-fiction in an appropriate style. It is a three step process using fun, multi-sensory activities that builds children’s confidence and linguistic ability to enable them to create their own writing


Children learn cursive handwriting from the Owls Department and throughout the rest of the school.



Science forms an important part of the school curriculum. Children are encouraged to develop enquiring minds, to pose their own questions, design investigations, hypothesise and draw conclusions within a structured framework. They are expected to behave as ‘real scientists’ and develop an understanding of good scientific practice, methodical working and systematic recording. Safety considerations are instilled.


Design and Technology 

Children are encouraged to be inventive in designing practical solutions to problems. These problems are sometimes set by adults and sometimes by the children themselves. Children work on a wide variety of materials and are introduced to simple technological skills. Much technology work is carried out in small groups so that the children learn to work with one another.



We teach the children to use ICT tools and information sources to analyse, process and present information, and to model, measure and programme. We have a fully equipped computer suite which is used by all children, laptops and tablets. We have special measuring equipment and the internet.



The children develop a thorough knowledge of the past and their learning is based upon an understanding of historical evidence. They are introduced to a range of personalities and events, and stories are drawn from a rich variety of sources.



The children study aspects of the local environment, its weather, surface features and the activities of its inhabitants with particular reference to map and direct experience. The curriculum also includes world and human geography.



Children are offered a variety of musical experiences which include listening to music from their own and other cultures, composing and performing using voice as well as pitched and unpitched instruments. Specialist visiting teachers are able to provide tuition in keyboard, brass, woodwind and string instruments. Children are encouraged to take up a musical instrument to study.


Art and Design

The curriculum aims to develop children’s understanding and appreciation of colour, line, shape, form, texture, tone and pattern. This is achieved through working with a variety of media, learning a repertoire of technical skills and discussing the work of respected artists.


Modern Foreign Language

Children in years 3-6 learn Spanish during their time at Oak Green School.


Physical Education and Sport

Our PE scheme helps children to develop their physical and perceptual skills through controlled co-operative and competitive activities. The curriculum includes individual and team games, gymnastics, athletics and swimming.  Year 4 swim as part of their PE curriculum for a whole academic year, walking to the local Aquavale in the town centre.Traditional games include football, netball, hockey and tag rugby. Children from year 2 upwards may be selected to compete against teams from other local schools. We hold half-termly inter house tournaments and a Sports Day in the summer term.


Religious Education (RE)

We teach RE according to the agreed syllabus for Buckinghamshire schools. It develops an awareness of the Christian religion and of other religions, their traditions and beliefs. A daily act of worship takes place in school.


PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education)

PSCHE enables children to become healthy, independent and responsible members of society. We encourage our pupils to play a positive role in contributing to the life of the school and the wider community. In so doing we help develop their sense of self-worth. We teach them how society is organised and governed. We ensure that they experience the process of democracy in school through the School Council. They learn to appreciate what it means to be a positive member of a diverse multicultural society.


Sex Education

We believe at Oak Green that the role of the school is to help ensure questions are honestly answered at an appropriate level of the child’s understanding. Our curriculum includes Health Education and within it a more structured approach for older children. We are always happy to give parents details of any resources, books, films, etc we may use. Sex Education is always presented in the context of a moral framework. The school nurse is available to advise us in our teaching of health, sex and relationships education.


Special Curriculum Provision

Oak Green School treats all children as individuals and differentiates learning experiences accordingly. In line with the 2014 Code of Practice (on Special Educational Needs), early identification of children with any form of learning or behavioural concern is sought. In consultation with parents and other agencies (e.g. Educational Psychologist, Paediatrician) programmes are designed to give maximum support to each child.  The partnership approach with parents is encouraged at Oak Green and parents are invited to meet class teachers or discuss any issues with the Inclusion Manager.