Charging Policy


OAK GREEN SCHOOL                                        



The Governing Body of Oak Green School has agreed the following as their policy on Charges and Remissions.


  • That where activities take place out of school session time, parents will be invited to make voluntary contributions towards the cost of the activity on a pro-rata basis but that a pupil should not be barred from taking part in an activity because his/her parents cannot, or will not, contribute.  Whist there is no obligation to make a contribution, unless there are sufficient contributions it may not be possible for the activity to take place.


  • That were activities take place outside normal school session time, charges should continue to be levied, where appropriate.


  • That any application for a partial or full remission of charges be considered by the head teacher.


  • That appropriate charges be made for ingredients and materials where parents have indicated in advance that they wish to own their child’s finished work.


  • That parents be required to meet the cost of breakages and damages where this is a result of their child’s behaviour.