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Remote Learning

Remote Learning Guide for Parents

October 2021 Update


Expectations for Emergency Remote Learning (Unplanned Lockdown)

In the event of an unplanned lockdown (whole school, year group or whole class bubble), Key Stage 1 & 2 teachers will ensure that parents can access their children’s learning through Google Classroom or the school website. Early Years Teachers will provide learning via Tapestry.   All pupils in KS1 & KS2 will be taught how to proficiently use Google Classroom during Computing Lessons, so that they are prepared for this potential event.

Each year group will provide a weekly timetable so that you can emulate the school day if wished. OGS will aim to provide the same curriculum remotely as we do in school; however, there may be some exceptions where this is not possible, e.g. PE. Where we are unable to provide exactly the same provision, appropriate activities of a similar nature will be shared. Teachers will try to ensure that pupils can access a range of activities that are engaging and interactive and where appropriate, activities will promote active and outdoor learning in balance with screen- time.


Remote Learning Format

This will be in the form of ‘live’ lessons, Google Meet registrations, pre-recorded lessons, worksheets, purchased or commercially freely-available online learning programs, e.g. ‘My Maths’ and ‘Spelling Shed’, etc... All OGS learning will be presented as MS Word Document or using the Google Suite tools available to support access at home. Recorded learning, whether OGS staff or provided through recommended external sources, e.g. BBC or Oak Academy, will be available where appropriate to support learning.


Remote Learning Feedback

When accessing the remote learning offer, children will be able to receive brief feedback regarding their learning using the secure Google Classroom discussion platform and Tapestry. Teachers will monitor submitted learning and offer direct guidance, within their normal working hours (8.30am -3.30pm). If concerns arise about children’s access, learning or quality of work, families will be telephoned with an offer of support as part of regular contact set up by class staff.

The Google Classroom and Tapestry discussion platforms will be used to provide direct learning support only. Other queries must be directed to the school email on


Engagement and logins                                                                      

Teachers will ensure that the weekly timetable is available before 8.45am on the week in question and that daily learning is available from 8.45am daily. Google Classroom and Tapestry will be monitored regularly to track pupil engagement and provide regular feedback using the discussion forum. Children’s comments will be used to assess and inform future learning where appropriate.


Phone calls home

To maintain strong relationships between teachers, pupils and their families, regular telephone calls will be made by teachers to children’s homes. This will provide an opportunity to discuss progress, work underway, any concerns or additional support that may be offered.


Whilst teachers are communicating with their pupils, parents/ caregivers are expected to be present and privy to conversations; we recommend the use of speaker phones. If adults wish to contact teachers regarding learning, they must contact via the office email address or school telephone. Remote teaching and study time each day

Teachers will provide at least 3 hours of learning per day for KS1 and 4 hours for KS2 as January 2021 government guidelines require. Depending on a pupil’s age, expectations may vary, e.g. A Y6 pupil may be set longer tasks of a more independent nature. Younger pupils in KS1 may have a range of shorter tasks, with less online learning, to accommodate levels of concentration.


Overcoming Obstacles to Remote Learning

For those pupils without immediate internet or device accessibility, where possible hard copies of learning will be created and made available at the earliest available opportunity where/ as soon as staffing allows. In the interim, available government and school ring-fenced funds will be sought to purchase devices and resolve internet accessibility issues for those who require support, subject to strict eligibility, prioritisation and availability.

Expectations for Individual Remote Learning (Isolating pupils)

If a pupil is absent from school for reasons relating to isolation due to COVID-19, they should access the “isolation pack” for their year group.  These will be uploaded to the school website each term and updated as necessary.  As with other remote learning, those pupils without immediate internet or device accessibility, where possible hard copies of learning will be created and made available at the earliest available opportunity where/ as soon as staffing allows.